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Thanks to Brown, casino free-for-all may loom

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Golden Nugget Casino Marketing; home of Gordie Brown Live. This is Peter. How can I assist you?

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Suggestion for 2b2t newest crypto, Browncoin.

We are also looking for someone to compile our coin must have a ubuntu, linux, or windows

I am creating a cryptocurrency with lordmahan and the members of the brownmen called browncoin and we want suggestions from the community of services that should be available to the browncoin community.

Current Suggestions:

Brown Trading Service - A safe and fast way for people to buy/sell items on 2b2t with browncoin. This was attempted in the past but due to low motivation the project ended.
BrownQueueSkip - A Queueskip service that can be purchased with browncoin.
BrownChan - 2b2t has its own subreddit, 2b2t, but the mods censor most posts which soon led to the creation of 2b2t_uncensored [Where you are on right now]. But most people on the subreddit, such as mods, were banned from 2b2t. So what if there was an anonymous-uncensorable 2b2t forum. (Basically 4chan + 2b2t +brownmen) We would need ideas for boards and we already got a web developer who is willing to do this.
BrownCasino - Place to gamble browncoin.
BrownTipper - This would be an on-chain tipping bot for discord, reddit and BrownChan.
BrownFaucet - This would be a faucet where people can get small amounts of Browncoin.
BrownAds - Way to purchase ads on browncoin based websites.
BrownAlts - Way to purchase Minecraft Java alts with browncoin
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why was Danny Brown on the roof of the casino lol ???

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Casino Royale James Bond Daniel Craig Brown Leather Jacket

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Danny Brown + Clams Casino- Worth It

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animal animal_ears anthropomorphism brown_hair casino_(artist) horse short_hair special_week tears uma_musume:_pretty_derby wristwear

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In the beginning of Oceans 11 (2001) Rusty tells Danny they will need "a Boesky, a Jim Brown, a Miss Daisy, two Jethros and a Leon Spinks, not to mention the biggest Ella Fitzgerald ever!" These are references to old cons from the 20th century and Rusty just gave away how they will rob the casino.

A Boesky: Saul playing Lyman Zerga. This is a reference to Ivan Boesky, a big-time trader on Wall Street who got caught committing securities fraud. The con is about a wealthy bankroller who has insider information.
A Jim Brown: the confrontation between Frank Catton and Linus Caldwell, staged to distract Terry Benedict so that Linus can lift the security codes to the vault. Named for the famous American football player
A Miss Daisy: references the SWAT truck our con men used as their getaway car. 'driving miss daisy' is a movie about a woman who has to get a chauffeur to drive her around. under the guise of the SWAT truck, Danny, Rusty and the gang can escape without a hitch.
Two Jethros: refers to the Malloy brothers, Turk and Virgil. The two jethros are the 'hillbilly, gear-headed types" who are hired to look after miss daisy. In the movie, they provide general two-man work like the distraction they pull with the balloons covering the security camera on the casino floor so Livingston can get into the video surveillance room.
Leon Spinks: the distraction in the form of disrupting the boxing match. there was this episode of NCIS once where the director went home to Chicago to investigate the death of his boxer friend. in the episode, they mentioned this boxing match where Leon Spinks beat Muhammad Ali, and it was a total upset that no one expected. no one expected the power to go out in the middle of the match in the movie, either, and it created absolute chaos, which was great for our con artists.
Ella Fitzgerald: the idea to loop a tape of a robbery over Benedict's security system, a robbery which had actually been staged the previous night as a distraction while the real robbery takes place. it comes from a commercial for memorex i saw in my ad production class the other week where a recording of Ella Fitzgerald's voice breaks a glass, then the voice over says, "is it live or is it memorex?" the concept is that Benedict doesn't know if the robbery he's seeing is the robbery that's actually happening.
Source: Quora
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New flag of Connecticut. Blue for casinos, brown for nutmeg, $ because everybody there is rich.

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ColdMaker’s Solve: Day 4: Grand Finale

So where are we headed today? Well as I’ve said before this is my last go at it. I think in previous attempts I’ve overcomplicated things. So this year the only real reason I’m back here is I realized I didn’t take the simplest possible path and that I owed it to myself to do that. So what is that simple path?
Recapping: WWWH - Great Falls Canyon Down - Maria’s River Canyon Too Far To Walk - 40 miles Home of Brown - Sweetgrass Hills/Mt. Brown No Place For Meek - Blackfeet Reservation No Paddle Up You Creek - Cut Bank Creek/Camp Disappointment Heavy Loads and Water High - Rocky Mountains/Glacier National Park Blaze - ?
So what did I miss here? I’m sure you noticed it. It’s the simplicity I referred to above. The End Is Ever Drawing Nigh.
I realized last winter that maybe my solution still made sense but I hadn’t looked to the most obvious possibility. As others have pointed out draw nigh means “go left” for a horseman. This I had known previously as it was part of my rationale for my solve’s movement right to left from HoB/Meek to Cut Bank. But I began to wonder if in reality Fenn just meant keep going left all the way until you draw to an end i.e. following Cut Bank creek until you eventually hit water high.
So that’s what we are doing today. Following Cut Bank Creek into Cut Bank Valley as far as we can go. And this location is above 5000 ft by the way.
For those of you following on google maps follow the north fork of the Cut Bank all the way into GNP. You’ll see a long dirt road and a primitive campground and a parking lot. Something Fenn could have easily driven to. Then you’ll see the start of a trail that heads up, ultimately to Triple Divide peak, the Crown of the Continent.
So where specifically are we looking?
  1. In the creek (or below the high water line) at the boundary between the Blackfoot reservation and GNP. This spot is a couple hundred feet off the dirt road. I like this spot as it may be a bit of a legal no man’s land - not GNP, not Blackfoot reservation, accessible by Montana’s stream access laws. It’s possible jurisdiction might fall to the State of Montana.
In this scenario my blaze would be this border that runs between the reservation and GNP (something that factored into my earlier failed solves). You can see what I am talking about on google earth. The Forrest Service or like entity maintains this boundary which is 5-10 feet wide and runs dozens of miles or more.
  1. We are just going to walk the trail for a mile or so and look for interesting blazes on trees. If we see anything we will investigate. This is Fenn’s “you need BOTG at the end to complete the solve” approach.
  2. Another possibility is the Blaze is the trail itself and you walk up to a point where you have a great view (marvel gaze) and dawdle around a bit until you spot the treasure.
It’s this last bit that I am most excited about. The reason is that AFTER I decided to do this jaunt up CutBank creek I began researching whether there was anything interesting about this part of the park. Turns out yes. To my amazement I found that less than a mile from the parking lot is another one of the “lost chalet” sites. The Cut Bank Chalets. Abandoned in late 30’s and early 40’s. Torn down in 1949. Zero trace left. A main reason people came to Cut Bank Chalets? Get this ... it was a fisherman’s paradise. See the postcard image here. What’s cut out of this image (I have a copy of the original postcard) is a little square box near the stream ... a spot definitely worth checking out. So in my imagination I see a 13 year old Fenn having abandoned chalets all to himself with incredible fishing. Sounds like a place I might like to die at.
So in any event that’s where we are headed today, right now actually. I forgot to add if we don’t find the treasure we plan on fishing this forgotten paradise for a few hours. Should be fun.
If I don’t post tonight I think it’s safe to assume we didn’t find anything and are at the Browning casino. I will post at a later date and give you a dump of all my other research findings. Thanks for coming with me!
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Best Robert De Niro movies?

I've watched goodfellas, jackie brown, casino, and godfather part 2 already. This guy's acting is fantastic and I love how good he is at just saying...nothinggg. What other movies is he in that he does a great job in and the movies themselves are great?
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aiba_yumi barefoot beach bikini blonde_hair braids brown_eyes brown_hair cameltoe casino_(artist) clouds flowers group honda_mio ichinose_shiki idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls long_hair miyamoto_frederica necklace ponytail purple_hair shiomi_shuuko short_hair sky swimsuit takamori_aiko water

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barefoot blonde_hair blush book brown_eyes casino_(artist) chain collar couch dress eyepatch feathers gray_eyes gray_hair hayasaka_mirei horns hoshi_shouko idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls long_hair morikubo_nono purple_hair short_hair techgirl yellow_eyes

barefoot blonde_hair blush book brown_eyes casino_(artist) chain collar couch dress eyepatch feathers gray_eyes gray_hair hayasaka_mirei horns hoshi_shouko idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls long_hair morikubo_nono purple_hair short_hair techgirl yellow_eyes submitted by konabot6 to konachan [link] [comments]

2girls animal animal_ears ass barefoot bell bird blush breasts brown_hair casino_(artist) catgirl cleavage clouds flowers idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls maekawa_miku panties short_hair shoujo_ai sky tada_riina tail underwear wedding wedding_attire

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DANNY BROWN & JPEGMAFIA take on The Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online

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Borderlands 3 - a great shooter with a lot of flaws

So I've been playing Borderlands 3 on the PS5 and really enjoying it! I finished the main story and am currently making my way through the DLC (which has been great so far, still on the Casino one.)
For background I have played all the other Borderlands games and enjoyed them, but had not played any of them in 4 or so years so I was unsure if the formula would hold up.
- The gunplay feels really great. The slide and mantle give you a lot more mobility, and the shooting feels GREAT on the dual-sense, the haptic triggers really add to the variety of guns in the game and 30 hours in I'm still finding guns that have new trigger feelings.
- On a similar note, it runs great on the PS5. A few small bugs but other than that steller frame rate, smooth UI and minimal loading screens. I can definitely see how this all NOT being the case could ruin a game like this, as it was at launch.
- My boy FL4k is awesome. Pro-ZD does a great job on the voice acting, and in general I find his character to be super fun to play as, not to mention having my favorite character design in all of Borderlands. I love the little touches like the food bowl on his backpack, or the matching bandana on his pet skag.
- The loot is meaningful and fun to play around with. I have been able to try out multiple different builds and they have changed the way I approach combat in significant way.
- Some great side quests. Also, I love some of the new characters like Wainwright Jacobs and *SPOILERS* the explorer you meet on the final planet. See the cons for most of the rest of the writing haha
- I'm sure you've heard the critiques of the writing and they aren't wrong. i don't think it's *as bad* as some of the reviews I've read have made it out to be, and it has definitely made me chuckle quite a few times. But there are definitely too many jokes, and the main plot is not great. I think it had a chance to be really meaningful but didn't stick the landing. The main weaknesses for me are the lack of compelling character arcs and motivations, and I wasn't a fan of the villains.
- It still does that Borderlands style of quest that I would describe as "Lucy pulling away the football from Charlie Brown" where things keep going wrong and you have to keep doing things. It can be frustrating because it never gives you an idea for how much longer a quest or missions could take: could be 20 minutes, could be 30!
- The level design is a little too linear imo, I wish there was a little more room for exploration or taking alternate roots to your destination.
Overall, I would recommend this game to people who enjoyed past Borderlands game or who just got a PS5 and are looking for a shooter that takes great advantage. It will definitely require some patience, but I think leaning in to the goofiness of the world and really trying to take advantage of the combat system/RPG mechanics can lead to a really great time!
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Album Of The Year #15: Joji - Nectar

Artist: Joji
Album: Nectar
Label: 88Rising
Release Date: September 25, 2020
Apple Music
YouTube Music
Not many artists have had a come-up as interesting and eccentric as George Kusunoki Miller, a former YouTube comedian/edgelord turned moody R&B singer. George first got his taste of internet fame as FilthyFrank, a character he described as everything a person should not be, he played the notorious persona on YouTube for over 6 years and eventually had to retire it due to him losing passion for it and suffering from stress induced seizures, which playing the character often caused.
Throughout his time as FilthyFrank however he began experimenting with music, mostly of the satirical kind at the start, his first tracks were under the FilthyFrank persona, the first one being Who's The Sucker, a dumb track where he somehow manages to rhyme "nicer" with "vagina", go figure.
A few years later, alongside the satirical rap, Joji began to make what he would consider as serious music, and this is where the timeline gets a bit messy, as he put out multiple tracks under multiple different aliases and the lines got blurred pretty fast, so I won't focus on aliases too much, but rather on the music he put out, around this era he released the therapeutical Medicine, the slow and melancholy We Fall Again, and Dumplings, which was Joji's best attempt at a trap banger.
In 2015, he birthed the Joji alias, released two singles on Soundcloud under that name, and announced a project called Chloe Burbank Vol. 1, the project was later scrapped and is probably sitting on Joji's hard drive, unfinished, however, the two singles he put out, thom and you suck charlie, were the tracks that put him in the spotlight, not to mention that to this day, there are some of his fans that believe these 2 tracks are his best and will not be topped, but that's a discussion for another day.
Following the overwhelmingly positive reception, Joji began to put out more tracks and singles, both under the aforementioned alias and Pink Guy, which was a character that blossomed into a satirical rap project, but I won't be covering that too much, and will focus on what he did as Joji instead, most tracks Joji put out were met with positive reception, some of the tracks, such as worldstar money, ended up on his debut EP as well.
Sometime around early 2016, Joji ended up signing with 88rising, a label focused on building the bridge between east and west, he explained in an interview that he was initially a consultant for the duo behind the record label, however, once the duo noticed his music and how well it was received, they asked him to jump on board and he instantly took the chance, getting signed alongside the likes of Rich Brian and Higher Brothers.
The label immediately undertook Joji and began distributing his catalog on their YouTube channel and helped him release more music, which was a couple of singles in the earlier half of 2017, and his debut EP in the latter half, the EP, known as "In Tongues", was met with mixed reception from fans and critics alike, with some describing it as his most concise body of work so far that is oozing potential, and others describing it as a bleak project that fails to set Joji apart from the sea of artists on the same wavelength as himself.
Following the release of the EP, Joji began working on his debut album, known as BALLADS 1, the album's first single, YEAH RIGHT, was released on the 8th of May, the track was first believed to be a standalone loosie as it was released 5 months before the album itself, however it ended up being on the album and was confirmed as the one of the singles alongside SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK, CAN'T GET OVER YOU, which features a production credit from non other than Clams Casino, and TEST DRIVE.
The album was well received, and was praised for containing a wider variety of sounds than its predecessor, it felt like a natural progression for Joji's sound and was a step forward towards a more mainstream approach whilst not sacrificing any of the rawness that Joji's older stuff had, which seemed to be what most fans were expecting from him.
Moving forward Joji stayed mostly silent throughout 2019, appearing on the second 88Rising collaboration album, which was negatively received due to it's lack of creativity and sub-par performances from most label signees, he also appeared on Rich Brian's sophomore album, The Sailor, and released which is now known to be as the first single from Nectar, Sanctuary, a synth based poppy track that previewed a vocally improved and more confident version of Joji.
What was assumed to be a loosie turned out to be the beginning of an album rollout, as half a year later Joji released Run, setting a new standard for himself both instrumentally and vocally, and a couple of months later he released Gimme Love, a double sided track with a fun, catchy beginning and a melancholy ballad driven ending, the last single, Daylight, was released on the 8th of August, the instrumental was produced by Diplo and the track itself sounded like Joji's attempt to break into the mainstream.
Without warning, he also released two tracks that he classified as "NOT SONG", the first being Pretty Boy, which actually ended up on the album with a Lil Yachty feature, and the second being FTC, which sadly did not end up on the album, both tracks had videos and it seemed to me at first that the purpose of both tracks was to serve the lore that Joji has built around the album, which I will be touching up on in this write-up.
A day before the album's release, he put out Gimme Cum, an enigmatic track with a mysterious message.
Nectar itself was pushed back from it's original July release date due to the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, the album however was released on the 25th of September.
Album Lore
If there's one thing George is no stranger to, it would definitely be worldbuilding, as he has proven time and time again that he has a knack for it, especially with his FilthyFrank YouTube channel, where he managed to create characters, locations, and an entire universe out of a few satirical characters, his lore was adored by many and even though visually he never wrapped up the story he did release a book that served as closure for the FilthyFrank lore.
This album's lore is not as straight forward however, and there are multiple theories doing the rounds on the internet, personally I will go by what sounded most convincing to me in terms of timeline and storyline, however do feel free to expand on what I've said or correct me, George has left multiple things left open to interpretation therefore I would not be surprised if there were multiple different meanings to the same thing.
Our story begins in the music video for Gimme Love, where we see a young Joji who appears to be a small time engineer that is eager to climb through the ranks of the company he is working for, as he rises however he appears to become more stressed out and agitated at all times, lashing out at his coworkers and breaking down consistently, throughout the music video we can see that the more he progresses, the more roadblocks he runs into, which causes his behavior to become more psychotic and manic, as the shots move forward we see him accept awards, lead his very own research team, run failed experiments on his coworkers that causes them to bleed, and eventually receive military covert status, which did not come without sacrifices, as we see him smile less and less throughout the video.
In the second half of the video, we see Joji steal the rocket he helped build by locking out his crew members, and launch himself into space, disappointing everyone he worked with and stabbing them in the back he appears to be quite happy however, eventually his mood flips as he is faced with two choices, engage or eject, the following shot does not allow us to see which one he picked as we are facing his back, all we see is Joji making the choice and gearing up for what's to come.
The lines get blurred around this spot and many people have different theories as to which video is the right one chronologically, personally I believe Daylight comes next, and my theory is Joji is having some sort of fever dream featuring his previous coworkers, most notably the older people who went through layers of plastic surgery, who appear in the music video for FTC, where they are seen wearing badges that features the same organization Joji worked for, throughout the video they are seen rummaging through the wreckage caused by Joji, clearly looking for something specific, which ends up being the award Joji won.
Back to Daylight, Joji appears to be some sort of intern working for the director and the actors, towards the end of the music video we can see Joji waking up from the aforementioned fever dream, clearly in a daze, as the shot widens we see that he is alone, in a barren wasteland, with nothing around him except for a tent and what appears to be a device used for communication, he plants a few seeds in the soil and sits by the device, hoping for a sign of life.
Next comes Run, where we are once again met with Joji having a nightmare, the entire video symbolizes being trapped in a place you don't want to be in, as Joji appears to be in a never ending limousine with people he has no interest in whatsoever, towards the end of the nightmare we actually see Joji running across a massive wasteland, the same wasteland we saw him in at the end of the Daylight music video, throughout the video, we see Joji become consumed by the soil itself, which I would assume is a representation of his fears back then, seeing as he was alone and had little to no hope of being saved whatsoever.
Joji wakes up from this nightmare and appears to be in some kind of spaceship, if the videos were released chronologically, we would be completely lost at this point, lucky for us, we already know what the spaceship is, as we see a picture of the Sanctuary crew in the final shots of the Run music video, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the crew is the ones that saved him from death and picked him up from the mess that he placed himself in, hence the name Sanctuary, which means refuge or safety from pursuit, persecution, or other danger
The crew itself is seen in action in the music video for Sanctuary, where Joji appears to be fighting and defeating some sort of one-eyed alien supervillain at the start, however, once he is defeated, both Joji and the crew themselves become aimless, as they are living monotonously without a goal, thankfully(???), one of the crew members sees this and decides to take matters into his own hands, by surgically removing his own eye, which portrays his transformation into the new supervillain, and following this up by killing a crewmember and escaping on his own, once again giving the spaceship it's own purpose.
Unfortunately the music videos that were put out after the release of the album appear to be too subtle for me to think they are connected in any way, shape or form, there are many theories of course but I can't help but feel like that most of them are a reach.
The most plausible explanation for this lore that I can think of is that the whole escaping from earth on his own, landing in a barren wasteland, trying to plant seeds in it, and eventually being picked up by a group(88Rising, wink wink) is a metaphor for his transition from FilthyFrank to Joji, the barren wasteland stands for how hopeless he felt at the time and the seeds symbolize the loosies he was slowly dropping before ditching his channel to become an R&B superstar, which if true, solidifies the idea that George was done with FilthyFrank long before he actually left the channel itself.
Regardless, I thought the lore was very enjoyable and it was nice to see Joji back in one of his elements at least, most fans would have been disappointed in me if I had not touched up on it a bit seeing as it was a huge part of the albums release and they are intertwined in some sort of way.
When it's lovely I believe in anything What does love mean When the end is rolling in
  • Ew
It is important for me to preface this review with the fact that this Joji album is not like anything we've ever heard from him before, this is not the one man army, garageband using, sample meshing Joji that we knew in the past, this is Joji with an entire team behind his artistic vision, a whole group of people working with him to help him push his sound to the next level, and unfortunately, while the quality of the music has clearly went up, when so many people have their own input on something eventually the lines get blurred and the album loses its artistic direction and cohesion, which is one of my only complaints with this album, and I'm glad I got it out of the way first.
Artistic direction and cohesion aside, this album contains some of Joji's highest highs to date, especially the singles, that's not to say that there aren't some deep cuts on here that shine as well, but once you listen to the album in it's entirety you quickly understand why the singles were chosen as singles, especially when you consider how sonically different they are from the non-singles.
Sanctuary, the album's first single, is a sweet, poppy and synthy track that features a high pitched and melodic Joji, some of the track's lyrics are somewhat abstract but they are quite visually descriptive and that's always a plus in my book, the instrumental itself is quite spacey and has a nice retro vibe to it, already a huge step forward from what we've already heard from George, the track's climax reaches towards the end and gives us a beautiful bridge,with Joji crooning about wanting to be held by a significant other.
I fell for your magic, I tasted your skin And though this is tragic, at least I found the end I witnessed your madness, you shed light on my sins And if we share in this sadness, then where have you been?
  • Run
Run is one of the more cinematic cuts on this album, the track is truly a double edged sword because although it's one of Joji's best, it has set an extremely high standard for both Joji and the album, leaving fans such as myself worried about whether or not he will ever reach a similar high, the production is clean, Joji's vocal lines are as dynamic as ever, the guitar melody is infectious, the lyrics are better than anything Joji has ever written and he is putting his heart and soul into every word, the electric guitar solo at the end is also something worth mentioning, which sits perfectly right in front of Joji's distant and wide vocals, ending the track on a strong note.
Look into your heart and let me know Do things turn black and gray as they go? When I'm far too gone, can you show me love? Give me love
  • Gimme Love
The lyrics above come from the album's third single, a 2 sided track that starts as a bouncy, percussive, fast paced, and catchy song, with Joji chanting and pleading to be given love, softly singing about being surrounded by apathetic people, after the second chorus the entire song comes to a halt in order to make room for a mellow guitar and Joji's harmonies, which are absolutely stunning if I may add, the track, much like many other tracks on here, ends on a cinematic strong note with a string section and a grandiose piano.
The final single, Daylight, is no doubt unexplored territory for Joji, the instrumental, which was produced by Diplo, starts off slow and minimalistic, with a simple yet groovy bassline, and reaches its apex on the chorus, when it suddenly becomes extremely lush, heavy, and thick, the track is most definitely a solid attempt at modern day and mainstream pop music, clearly made with the intention of receiving radio play.
All of the singles show up in the first leg of the album, which is absolutely phenomenal, the opener track, Ew, starts off light and easy, with a somber and distant arpeggiated piano backed with Joji's soft vocals, who's singing about heartbreak and the loss of many relationships, sounding as bitter as ever lyrically, the chorus includes a grand string section and a chord progression that is fully panned to the right and sitting all the way behind the mix, and surprise surprise, the track itself ends on a cinematic strong note, much like many of the other tracks on here.
I've got no aim, a million rounds, is nothing real? A hundred pounds of heavy steel, it feels so loud Tied to my chest, it feels so loud I'll take a peek to across the peaks This grass is neat and I'm quite unique But I'd like to be, but I'd like to be
Up next comes MODUS, a moody track that has an intro similar to the opener track but later on has Joji melodic rapping to a murky trap instrumental, with Joji of course sounding better than ever, lyrically speaking, many of the themes on this album are similar, Joji is mostly singing about relationships, heartbreak, and the need for a significant other, the lyrics themselves give the album a nocturnal, bitter, hopeless vibe, which is what we've come to expect from Joji's music nowadays.
The third track, Tick Tock, is a plucky banger of an instrumental that has Joji rapping over it with pitched up vocals on the chorus which is something that's a little bit reminiscent of his older, more amateur work, the vocal layering on the verse is also something worth mentioning, really showcases Joji's dynamic range and how much he improved as a whole, the track is nothing groundbreaking in terms of what we've heard so far and remains lowkey for the most part but is without a doubt one of my favorites on this project.
On Nectar, one of the yet-to-be-announced tracks was produced when the artist was only sixteen years old. “I’m excited to see if it sticks out or not to the listeners.” he reveals.
  • Joji Interview with Schön! Magazine.
While not officially announced by Joji himself, it is safe to say that Upgrade is the aforementioned track, a small interlude that seats itself in the earlier part of the album, the track starts with a grandiose piano, which is quite unnecessary if you ask me, because once we have it out of the way all we get is a very obviously barebones instrumental made from a different time, the telltale sign being non other than the ukulele that we have seen in George's earlier work.
It upsets me that Joji has not made this fact much more known because this track has been consistently the subject of criticism by critics and fans alike, but at the same time I understand, because at the end of the day George left that track in there for the die hard fans, not the critics.
Up until this point there is no doubt that Joji has played it safe, sure the album is much more grand and cinematic than its predecessor, but there's no denying that the signature sound is still there, we still get the hazy and moody slow bangers, if Nectar was only the first half then Joji might have had a strong album in his catalog, maybe even a classic, but I understand him wanting to expand and experiment with other sounds in order to grow as an artist.
The midsection gets a little bit tricky, as Joji begins to get out of his comfort zone and the album features start appearing, to me it sounds like Joji did not know how he could keep the listener interested in the second half of this album and decided to opt in for a bunch of features as a quick fix, some work out fine, some better than others.
Handsome young man, never pull up on time Lookin' in the mirror, lookin' good should be a crime, crime All this pain I'll never let show (No) My real thoughts, you'll never know (No)
  • Lil Yachty on Pretty Boy
I never really listened to Lil Yachty that much aside from the obvious hits he had over the course of his career, but he clearly shined on this track as the feature, for starters, the track is very light-hearted, definitely one of the more lofi tracks on this album, the highlight for me without a doubt is the bridge, which sounds like something straight out of Pink Season, George was clearly having genuine fun with it, some even speculate that most of the bridge was made using samples from his earlier work as Pink Guy.
High Hopes, which features Omar Apollo, is one of the more lowkey cuts in here as well, the percussion on the instrumental and the detuned guitar on here remind me of some of Joji's stuff from BALLADS 1, unfortunately however the track doesn't stand out much, at least not as much as Afterthought with BENEE, another track where Joji's melodies and vocals shine through once again, and BENEE's feature definitely adds some character to the track, at least enough to the point where the feature made some sense
On Normal People, Joji recruits childhood friend rei brown, in an attempt to capture lightning again after their first collaboration, Once In A While. Unfortunately lightning didn't strike twice here for me and the track felt quite lackluster and uninteresting, especially for such an anticipated track and when compared to their first song, many of the tracks and collaborations on the second part of the album really felt like Joji just trying to recapture the magic of his earlier work, and while some of those attempts did work at the end of the day it does feel like a cheap cop out.
Oh, understand, girl, I'm out of sight To the other side, I don't want no stripes Got my insides loud like motorcycles Girl, don't notice it, I don't notice it
Another example of Joji attempting to recapture magic is NITROUS, which marks Joji's second time collaborating with Clams Casino, the track is very reminiscent of their first track together, both Joji and Clams Casino however killed it, the track's instrumental is very murky and nocturnal, much alike most of the album, but that doesn't stop Joji's delivery, which is very fun-loving and upbeat.
By the way you move, I know you want me to Tell you all the rules, I know I'm searching too Give me all your clues and things to guide me through The end of the world, the end of the world
  • Mr. Hollywood
Produced by the one and only Kenneth Instrumentals, Mr. Hollywood is one of the more heartfelt and personal tracks on this album, Joji is singing about his evergrowing popularity and how it will never affect what is important for him, which in this case is the girl he's singing about, like many other tracks on this album, you will often hear something that will remind you of Joji's older work, in this case it is the ad-libs on the chorus, which are very reminiscent of his ad-libs on BESIDJU, regardless the song has at least a bit of substance which makes it one of the more commendable tracks.
The final run of this album is where Joji flips the script here, there are a few tracks that have questionable artistic decisions, such as Reanimator, with non other than Yves Tumor, the track serves as an instrumental interlude before the final two tracks, however with a feature such as Yves Tumor I honestly expected much more than what we got, and what we got is basically a 3 minute track, with the first minute and a half being nothing than a drone-y, synthy instrumental, and the second half being quite a lackluster performance by Joji and his guest, much like some of the other tracks on the album, it seems like it received a similar treatment, where the track was initially unfinished and still half-baked, and rather than attempting to finish the track they opted for an easy way out, which in this case was making more than half of the track an instrumental and then calling it an interlude just to be safe.
"that weeknd synthpop track sure is doing huge numbers, maybe i should also make a synthpop track as well"
  • Joji, probably.
I would be down to argue that if Blinding Lights by The Weeknd had not existed, 777 wouldn't have existed either, Joji's constant attempts at breaking into the mainstream and commercializing his sound have always left a bad taste in my mouth as it felt like it came from a place where authenticity is lacking, nevertheless I find it bizarre to make a track that is very similar to one of the most successful tracks of the year and not attempt to push it at all, that's not to say that 777 on it's own is not a good track, however there's no denying that the sound selection on the instrumental, some of the flows, and the chorus itself hold blaring similarities to The Weeknd's track, I understand why he would make such a track however and find it admirable at the very least.
Thankfully, the album ends on a strong note, the final two tracks are both beautiful even though they're worlds apart, Like You Do, is a quintessential love ballad from Joji, a stripped down instrumental with beautiful piano chords and a laid back vibe, Joji is singing about his current partner and how what they have might not work out, even though he feels like they're perfect for one another, the closing track, Your Man is a massive change in tempo, with an upbeat, electronic, deep house-esque instrumental, we hear a Joji that is optimistic, which is a nice change of pace, especially considering how bitter most of his albums and projects have been up to date.
Since I met you All the gloomy days just seem to shine a little more brightly Consider what we've got 'Cause I can never take you for granted
  • Like You Do
There's no denying that some tracks on here sound like a bastardized version of Joji's signature sound. Joji is trying his best to commercialize his sound without sacrificing the rawer elements of it, which unfortunately results in a jumble of sounds. This album is not free of criticisms as there are many issues in here that need to be worked on, it's much less cohesive than its predecessor and at times sounds like a bunch of rough ideas put together in order to create the world's most average musical equivalent of a photo collage, but if we were to just set all of that aside and just look at this album for what it is, then there's definitely something in here for everyone. George might have not made a classic, and he certainly hasn't found his sound yet, but this album is an indicator that he's on to something, and once again I am already anxious to hear what he has in store next.
Talking Points
  • What did you think of this album? Is it a good follow-up to BALLADS 1?
  • Do you think Joji works better alone or when he has a team behind him?
  • Do you think Joji will yet again set another high standard for himself next project?
  • What are your predictions for Joji's sound in the future?
  • Now that he's more keen on having features, who do you think would compliment Joji's sound the most?
  • Favorite tracks?
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[Question] Lords of Vegas: Paying the Strip

Hi all. I've got a quick question regarding paying The Strip in Lords of Vegas. If The Strip card comes up, my wife and I assumed the whole casino gives points to the boss, but each person with a die or dice would gain the money equal to the pips. Let's use an example from our game:
In the top brown casino the green player would get 5 points and $10, while the yellow player would simply get $6. (All the other strip casinos pay out in this fashion based on the boss and the number of pips each player has.)
This was a fun game with two players. I imagine with three and four players it will be super fun!
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Danny Brown x Clams Casino - Worth It

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I need advice about how to act like my husband

He works full time and is a pig. Won't lift a finger around the house. Leaves his literal garbage everywhere. If I bag up trash and set it outside, he'll walk around it and refuse to take it around the house to the cans on his many 20+ minute smoke breaks. Weekends are soul crushing because the house can be as nearly spotless as a house can be with a toddler and by Sunday it's completely trashed because I refuse to clean up after him and he refuses to grab a vacuum and suck up the food mess both HIM and the toddler left in the living room, kitchen, dining room, and even the bathroom sometimes.
This man even refuses to wipe off his shit smears on the toilet bowl and regularly splatters shit up onto the underside of the seat. I haven't cleaned "his" toilet in months and there's a nasty brown ring in it cause he leaves his piss in there for days and only flushes if he shits but won't make sure it all went down so sometimes there's still shit floating in there. Unfortunately its the bathroom with the tub so I have to clean the tub for my kid and I to bathe.
He had four days off for Christmas and again for New Years. God strike me dead if I'm lying that my socks were brown and crusted from the crumbs of food and mud he tracked in. There's a bench and a boot tray by the door. I watched him come in, step OVER the boot mat right in front of the door, walk through the living room, stop to scrape his boots on the living room rug his daughter lays on and plays on all day, and then trip down the hall to our room with light tan carpet. The mud stains on the rug are still there because I don't own a carpet cleaner and the rentals are out right now. I fully believe he does this om purpose as a way to blatantly disrespect me and tell me to go fuck myself.
Over his four day Christmas vacation, he walked out the door and disappeared for 11 hours. When I asked him where he was, he told me he was two towns over (2 hours one way) with his mom shopping. He just walked out the door and decided for me that I wasn't going to get to enjoy any time for myself and that I was going to parent alone. He didn't even ask how our kid was doing.
Over his four day New Years vacation, he pulled thr disappearing act TWICE. On New Years eve he decided he was going to go to the casino with his mom. Never mentioned this or asked how I felt about it. Just walked out the door and left the toddler with me. Never asked how she was doing. Came home at 3am. On New Years day, I woke him up at 8 am and he got mad because he had gotten in late. Not my problem. He then stormed around the house for a few hours until his mom called him to ask if he wanted lunch. He didn't talk about it with me. I overheard it (she was on speaker) and he just started getting dressed. When I asked where he was going with his mom, he said "No where." So he's lying. Okay. So I call her up and ask if she'd like to hang oit with her grand daughter and she says yes! Send her with him! (I told her I needed to get some work done without her up my ass). This pisses him off and he goes and sits in his car so that I am forced to get her ready and her bags packed with snacks and clothes and diapers and toys and I put her in the seat and kiss her goodbye.
Not even 40 minutes later he bangs open the door and she's crying. He rants about how she was a BRAT the entire time and embarrassed him and blah blah blah. Shit I deal with daily because she's a toddler and that's what they do.
He puts her down, dumps her bags down, and walks out the door. He's gone from 2pm to 1am. He just decided for me that he was going to force me to care for her instead of getting my work done because he didn't want to parent that day.
So the next day, Saturday, I wake up before the two of them, set the monitor right next to him on full volume, and walk out the door. I got some work done, groomed my dog (takes an hour just to dry him after a bath and then I gave him a hair cut), sat in a parking lot with a hot lunch, browsed a Home Goods. I was gone 5 hours and I was dying to get back home. I never called to ask how she was and I desperately wanted to. I went back home to a fucking pig sty of a house. She was also filthy from feeding herself a messy lunch and not being cleaned up after. She was also over tired and sobbing when she saw me because of course he didn't put her down for a nap.
How the hell am I supposed to enjoy being "off duty" and doing things I want to get done or just playing hooky from parenting? I thought about getting a hotel room just for me, but I'd be miserable sitting in a room all by myself constantly fighting the urge to video call to see her. And then I know I'd go home to even more work than would have happened if I had just stayed.
How do I manage to act like a man who clearly wants to skip out on parenting every chance he can even just for one day/night???
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I remember that meeting and I have a photographic memory

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(Bring It Out) Casino Brown - YouTube

Powered by Restream cant do it in person so we are doing it online Influencing A Choice - How To Beat The Casino - Duration: 5:25. Derren Brown 232,072 views. 5:25. lofi hip hop radio - beats to self isolate to Channel 4 24 watching. Live now; Julia Roberts Acts ... New Music Video From Philadelphia Entertainer Casino Brown....B.I.O. ..AKa...(Bring It Out) is the newest edtion to his visual journey for the "Thoughts Of A... Buffalo To Receive Casino Money In Decision The fourth and final instalment of The Events where Derren attempts to win £175,000. For more subscribe to our channel - this is mr brown show casino test...subscribe to me Derren demonstrates how to take on a casino at blackjack... Watch Derren Brown Mind Control FREE on 4oD Download on iTunes http... Derren Brown cheats in casino.